High Quality Match Fishing Rods

Carbotec have declared Zero Tolerance on Lock-up by designing a range of rods which adjust from FAST to MODULATE ACTION whilst playing fish.

As you play a fish, the rod initially adopts a fast action curve. Should the fish lunge at any time, the built-in step tapers take over creating a flexible Modulate action that will not lock-up under pressure as shown in our incredible 90 degree Bench Test.

Almost 20 years ago I took on the responsibility for the design of top-quality Normark match rods. From the early days with the innovative designs of the legendary Norboron Float and the 11ft Quiver, through to the most prestigious Microlite Titan and Avenger 2000 series, I feel both proud and privileged to have set the standard for match rod design. The passion for design that Omri Thomas, the founder of Normark Sport, and I have shared over the years has inevitably brought us back together again – this time under the Carbotec banner.

It is over seven years since I designed the 2000 range, and many things have changed. As an engineer I find it incredible what I can achieve with the latest resins and materials. I really thought that we had reached the limits, but the new Carbotec rods I’ve developed are quite simply amazing: thinner, lighter, stronger; and far more flexible than ever before when handling bigger fish.

Carbotec Modulate Action Rods have been designed to eliminate the dreaded lock-up. Ever since bigger fish (especially carp) became the most sought-after species, anglers have suffered from their rods locking-up when playing and landing them, resulting in broken hook lengths or hooks pulling out, especially at the point when the fish is close in and about to be netted. This is mainly due to the rod having too fast an action, which is great for small fish but on larger fish the rod will inevitably collapse from the tip, push all the pressure into the middle and butt section, and quickly lock up, especially in the landing position when the rod is held at 90 degrees or more.

In their quest to cope with demand for specially designed match carp rods, designers have simply beefed up the rods with thicker walls or larger diameters, keeping the same fast action, which although stronger will lock-up just the same. Alternatively, slower tapers have been used which simply makes the rod feel sloppy.

After almost three years of research and practical testing, we realized that to land a higher ratio of hooked fish, anglers needed a rod that would convert from a fast action (for casting), to a more mellow action (for playing fish). This means asking the rod to adjust, balance and regulate as pressure is applied. This is the definition of the word modulate.
Subtle pressure whilst playing fish is what we have been looking for, similar to that which is achieved by the elastic when pole fishing. We solved this by developing F.A.S.T., the new Flexible Action Step Taper system, whereby each discreet step taper absorbs and cushions pressure without collapsing or locking up, creating a modulating action.
After factory and field testing, catching thousands of pounds of individual fish up to 20lb, we have created an action which does most for the angler when striking, playing or landing fish.
What’s more remarkable is that we have maintained the feeling and balance of a fast-action rod. The combination of the Modulate Action coupled with F.A.S.T. design has resulted in the strongest, lightest, thinnest, most flexible rods ever seen, with no LOCK-UP.

Carbotec F. A. S. T. Play No.1, 13ft = £395.00

The perfect rod for the open-water, light-line enthusiast, when quality fish are hard to find, small hooks are necessary, and every fish needs to be landed. Its ultra-slim design hides tremendous strength and flexibility. Whether the fish are 2oz or 12lb it will make no difference, except at the weigh in.Recommended reel line 2lb-3lb

Carbotec F. A. S. T. Play No.2, 13ft = £395.00

Has all the attributes of the No.1 with slightly increased power. Equally at home on still or running water, this is no doubt the most versatile rod in the range. If you want to fish quite fine, or step up the catch rate by increasing line size, this is the rod for the job. The action changes from fast for casting to modulate for playing fish, ensuring more fish in the net. With a blank weight of only 100g, it is very slim, subtly strong, has terrific balance, doesn’t lock up and casts floats like a dream.Recommended reel line 2lb-4lb

Carbotec F. A. S. T. Play No.3, 13ft = £395.00

A further increase in power and clever distribution of material has resulted in the best long-range rod ever made. The hidden step tapers within the blank produce a terrific turnover of speed for easy casting. Yet, as the Modulate Action takes over, the cushion effect you feel when playing a big fish is quite remarkable. Still a very slim, lightweight blank which will handle anything that swims.Recommended reel line 3lb-5lb

Carbotec F. A. S. T. Play No.4, 12.75ft = £395.00

When you consider that many specimen match-type rods are 30% heavier with much bigger diameters compared to this model, it will give you an indication of what has been achieved. This is the rod for stopping fish, either in snaggy swims or open water. Similar to No.3 but slightly shorter, it has even more controlled power. Fish to 20lb have been stopped in their tracks with hook lengths as little as 3lb, due once again to the conversion from fast to modulate action and the cushion effect this gives.Recommended reel line 4lb-8lb

Additional F. A. S. T. Play Float Rods and sections

17ft 1″ Number 1 float rod £545.00

17ft 1″ Number 2 float rod £545.00

Number 1 Lite tip (15% less power) £95.00

Number 2 Lite tip (15% less power) £95.00

2ft Extension for No.1, No.2, No.3 Float rods All £79.00

Long Float rod 3rd section for No.1 or No.2 Rod £145.00

15ft Short Butt Section for No.1 or Number 2 rod £185.00

17ft Long Butt Section for No.1 or Number 2 rod £200.00