Fly Fishing Rods

Once you’ve tried Carbotec rods, you’ll never want to buy another rod again. Carbotec fly rods are totally different from others on the market today.

The materials we use are the very latest high modulus carbon fibres, with ultra lightweight resins, which are rolled under very high pressure. We use as many as 5 subtle tapers which produce a progressive Step Taper Action.

This new design is setting higher performance standards than ever before.

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Built by craftsmen in our own factories, the Carbotec CLASSIC range is hand finished in a deep translucent brown with dark brown whippings, and comes in a choice of three build options.

6ft #4 = £145.00 BUY & 6.5ft #4 = £150.00 BUY
The perfect weapons for brook and small stream fishing. Rated for AFTM4, these rods will present small flies on light leaders with the utmost delicacy. Ideal for wet and dry flies.

ROD OF THE MONTH 7ft #4 = £152.00 BUY
A truly delicate rod for fishing flies in chalk streams, small streams and moorland fishing, where shy trout demand perfect presentation. A great all-round rod for wading to present an upstream nymph or dry fly imitation with ease.

7.5ft #3, #4 = £160.00 BUY
Our #3 rod is truly a delicate instrument. It puts a fly on the water like a feather for those extra-sensitive fish in clear water with ultra-light leaders. The #4 has slightly more power through the butt for increased distance.

8ft #3, #4, #5 = £165.00 BUY
Probably the most popular length for river anglers, this range offers a rod for everyone. At home with both wet and dry flies, they will comfortably handle light leaders. With subtle power; the #4 or #5 weight will handle bigger fish in stillwater situations.

8.5ft #4, #5 = £168.00 BUY
Like the 8 foot the 8.5 will comfortably handle light leaders but offers more distance control on medium rivers. Both the #4 or #5 weight will handle medium stillwater situations.

9ft #4, #5, #6 = £179.00 BUY
When fishing bigger rivers or when wading, the #4 rod offers sublime control, superb accuracy and the ability to fish small flies on light leaders. The #5 is a light-line special for small stillwater use and fishes best with a DT5 or WF6; this makes it a superb stalking tool. The #6 is a beautifully balanced rod designed for small stillwater work, excellent for covering fish at speed and fishes best with DT6 or WF7 lines, but will also take a DT5 when casting long distances.

9.5ft #6 = £189.00 BUY
This is the perfect rod for the light-line stillwater and reservoir enthusiast. This rod covers fish with pinpoint accuracy, and suits nymph, dry fly and small lures. As a light-line, low-water sea trout rod, this one is superb. Fishes best with a DT6 or WF7.

9.5ft #7 = £189.00 BUY BEST SELLER
This is the most popular rod in our range. Used with a WF8 line, it will load very quickly and cast a full line. This rod will enhance your enjoyment by requiring little effort to maximize performance. A good choice of rod for anyone who suffers from restricted movement. Suited to single- or double-haul tactics.

9.5ft #8 = £189.00 BUY
With fast tip recovery, this rod doesn’t require too many false casts to cover cruising rainbows at distance. Suits double-haul casting techniques. A powerful tool, without sacrificing sensitivity. Takes DT7, DT8 and WF8 and 9 shooting heads. This rod will handle HI-D lines with ease.

10ft #6 = £199.00 BUY
The no.1 choice for the Carbotec Kingfisher Team. With a blend of sensitivity and power, it serves as a light-line bank and a first-class boat rod. Will cast a full line with ease, but fishes very well on a short line when boat fishing. Suitable for nymph or dry work with a DT6 or WF7.

10ft #7 = £199.00 BUY BIG SELLER.
This true all-rounder will bank or boat fish, with DT7 or WF8 lines. With its slightly more mellow action it will fish small flies close in, but still has enough power to punch a line across a wind and fish lures at range.

10ft #8 = £199.00 BUY BIG SELLER.
This powerhouse has enough power to punch a line across a wind and fish lures at range.

10.5ft #7 = £215.00 BUY
This is the reservoir boat fisherman’s first choice. Casts well to cover fish at both short and longer distances with speed and accuracy. Whilst sensitive enough to use with light leaders, this rod still makes a first-class big river rod for sea trout and grilse. Fishes best with a DT6, DT7 or a WF8 line.


Built by craftsmen in our own factories, the Carbotec travel range are hand finished in a deep translucent brown with dark brown whippings, and come in a choice of three build options.

MULTI-SECTION CLASSIC fly rods 3, 4 & 5 piece rods

3 piece – 9.5ft #6 = £205.00 BUY
3 piece – 9.5ft #7 = £205.00 BUY
3 piece – 10ft #6 = £210.00 BUY
3 piece – 10ft #7 = £210.00 BUY
3-piece – 11ft #5/6 = £215.00 BUY
3-piece – 11ft #7/8 = £215.00 BUY
Three-piece rods that perform as well as two-piece. Since its introduction, this range of four rods has exceeded all our expectations. Lighter and more positive than their two-piece cousins, with tremendous tip speed, they are effortless to cast and will fish short or long lines.

4 piece – 8.5ft #5 = £215.00 BUY
4 piece – 9ft #5 = £219.00 BUY
4 piece – 9ft #6 = £219.00 BUY
A very practical range which packs down to under 29 inches. The 8.5ft option is aimed at the river angler and will cover most small to medium river needs, whilst the 9ft is for larger rivers or stillwaters.

5 piece – 10.5ft #5/6 = £277.00 BUY
5 piece – 11ft 2in #5 = £311.00 BUY
Specialist rods suitable for loch style and switch casting.

MULTI-SECTION RAMBLER fly rod the ultimate travelling rod system

All together as a set (both rods) = £309 BUY
5 piece 7.5ft #4 on its own = £215.00 BUY
6 piece 9ft #5/6 on its own = £249.00 BUY
A travel rod with sections under 20 inches, which can be both 7.5ft and 9ft (by cleverly interchanging the butt sections). Bob Wellard, Carbotec consultant, enthused about it as soon as he saw it; then went on to land a 9lb salmon on the 9ft. In his opinion the rambler is the complete river rod system.

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ELITE fast tip action

Building on our success with the CLASSIC range, we have introduced the Elite range to cater for those anglers who prefer a faster tip action. Built using the same LRC carbons and step taper design technology as our CLASSIC range, these lightweight rods are superb casting tools but still fish like a dream. With the blank finished in translucent black with matching black whippings, these rods look simply fantastic.

2 piece Elite 9ft #7 = £185.00 BUY
A super lightweight powerhouse. A very fast tip action which is ideal for the angler who needs to stop big trout in difficult surroundings.

2 piece Elite 9.5ft #7/8 = £195.00 BUY
3 piece Elite 9.5ft #7/8 = £229.00 BUY
A fast-action, lightweight rod for the reservoir angler who wants to double haul and punch a line a long way. It feels very positive in the hand and will set hooks at range, but isn’t over stiff and will play fish with ease.

2 piece Elite 10ft #7/8 = £205.00 BUY
3 piece Elite 10ft #7/8 = £239.00 BUY
Similar in characteristics to the Elite 9.5ft. The 10ft has often been used as a single-handed sea trout or salmon rod.

LONG CAST ultra fast action

2 piece 9.75ft #9/10+ Long Cast Fly = £215.00 BUY
Can you handle it? A rod like no other! With our tournament casting experience, we have developed the ultimate casting rod. Rated at #9/10+, this rod can take as much as you can give it. With its very fast action and forgiving tip, it forms a very tight loop which maximizes line speed to achieve unbelievable casting distances. Experienced anglers are customizing lines to match this rod by using half a DT10 or DT11 and hitting fish at 50 yards plus.

SALTWATER fly rods fast action Back to top of page

With saltwater fly fishing becoming more and more popular both in the UK and abroad, Carbotec have developed three rods which are quite simply stunning. Again featuring our high-modulus LRC carbon and our revolutionary step taper design, we feel that these rods will compete with any saltwater rods available today. They dismantle down to under 30 inches, so are ideal for travel.

With their fast tip action, these rods have plenty of power to cast long distances and turn over large flies, but are tremendously sporting, with every run and lunge of the fish transmitted to the angler. These rods are ideal for this exhilarating form of angling. All rods are fitted with quality snake guides, and feature a fighting butt.

4 piece Saltwater 9ft #8/9 = £235.00 BUY BEST SELLER
This is our bestselling saltwater rod. Brilliant for use in the UK and on the bonefish flats of the tropics. Rated 8/9, this rod will cast a WF8 with the minimum of false casts.

4 piece Saltwater 9ft #8/10 = £235.00 BUY
When bigger fish such as permit are the quarry, then this is the rod for you. Slightly more powerful, this rod will cast a 9 or 10 line with ease. UK anglers have found it to be superb for pike and bass fishing.

4 piece Saltwater 9ft #11/12 = £260.00 BUY
Work it out for yourself – supreme power and control. Our anglers have found they can cast all day without feeling it the next.

SALMON fly rods middle to tip action Back to top of page

Built by craftsmen in our own factories, the Carbotec SALMON range is hand finished in a deep translucent brown with dark brown whippings, and comes in a choice of two build options. Carbotec Salmon rods are lightweight, strong, well-balanced and feature a progressive middle to tip action which will accommodate Spey, roll or overhead casting with ease.

3 piece 13ft #8/9 = £269.00 BUY
3 piece 13ft #10 = £269.00 BUY
Both of these rods are beautifully light with supreme sensitivity. Best suited to small and medium rivers where delicacy and precision are required.

4 piece 14ft #7/8 = £288.00 BUY
This specialized rod is ideal for fishing very small flies in low water or fishing lochs for grilse and large sea trout.

3 piece 14ft #9/10 = £299.00 BUY
This is a medium river rod.

4 piece 14ft #10 = £328.00 BUY
This is a medium river rod combining sensitivity and power.

3 piece 15ft #9/10 = £272.00 BUY
3 piece 15ft #10 = £299.00 BUY BEST SELLER
4 piece 15ft #9/10 = £325.00 BUY
4 piece 15ft #10/11 = £325.00 BUY
Our most popular range of rods, true all-rounders, providing options for almost all your salmon fishing needs.

4 piece 16ft #10/11 = £385.00 BUY
Due to the extra power through the butt section, this rod is ideally suited to anglers who fish large rivers with heavy brass tubes in fast water conditions.

4 piece 18ft #11/12 = £450.00 BUY
This specialist rod is for very large rivers such as those found in Scandinavia. Its supreme strength will handle the largest flies and heaviest salmon with ease.